Friday, November 11, 2011

When Eternity Steps Into Time

A few weeks ago I was sitting in the back rows of the auditorium at Gateway Church as my pastor, friend and cousin... Oh, and did I mention he happens to be one of my oversights as well... Taught on what it means to have "Appetite for the Eternal." It is one of my favorite teachings offered at an event we call KAIROS.

KAIROS is a two day Freedom Ministries event. It is worship intensive with a focus on inner healing, both spiritual and emotional. For two days hundreds of people gather, worship, receive and often break so that healing can begin.

As I sat listening to the up and down tones of Alan's voice delivering a message that speaks to the deep places in my heart, a picture began to take shape. I dislodged my sketch book and pencil case from my tote bag and opened to a fresh clean page. I began giving line and shape to the images coming to life inside my mind.

At the end of the class, my picture was complete. I inked in the lines with a Sharpie marker and asked God who should receive it. I heard, "Julie."

My friend Julie works one office space up from me in the halls of Pastoral Care. Four times a year we host the event called KAIROS and Julie administratively manages & coordinates every detail from the pre-event registration and prayer team right down to the snacks we eat and the play by play, minute to minute activity and details that are drawn up in plans over several months throughout the year. Julie takes care of the details so that KAIROS is a fresh, safe atmosphere where people come to recieve.

I heard God say, "People are free because Julie takes care of the details."

This one is for Julie - because she has a heart to see people free and orchestrates an atmosphere of freedom by coordinating the event in such a way that the atmosphere and details provide ministry as much as the gifted speakers and teams who pray and speak. I love how God makes us fit together. He is all about the details!

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