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A Warrior's Heart

Michelle has always had an interest in art and creating things. As a young adult, She kept her hands busy and her pocketbook empty expressing the creativity God placed deep within her heart. A heart yearning for beautiful things like a sojourner in the desert longs for water. Something in her heart just soars when light and color come together in a revelatory way.
Painting has become a gift to Michelle in the last few years. She had spent most of her adult years dabbling in floral design and crafting, but had never considered picking up a canvas and brushes until after her son passed away. It happened around his birthday one year that she set about decorating a room in her church and purchased several canvases along with a number of tubes of acrylic paints.
Birthed from those early brush strokes came light and life and she felt the pleasure of God with the movement of paint. The paintings had meaning. They told stories and expressed feelings. Within a few weeks she sat in the "Quiet Center" of the after school program each week leading elementary-aged children through the basics of design and painting.
In 2009, Michelle and her husband, Scott, attended a leadership her church offers called Presbytery. Presbytery is a time when prophetic leaders in the church speak words of edification, encouragement, exhortation and comfort over members of the church. These events often point to destiny, confirmation of calling and opportunity. Michelle's word seemed odd at first. It was filled with Creative Expression. Dance. Worship. Spiritual Decorator.  She left with a heart full, but uncertain of what it all could mean.
She and Scott returned home and he flew out a few days later to the east coast where he had been working for more than a month. Michelle dusted off the big gray storage tub from the garage marked, "Artistic Expressions."
She examined the small canvases, brushes and paints. The next morning she headed out to the hobby store and purchased canvases and a few more paints and brushes. And here is where the ministry of paint began. Michelle discovered not only could she decorate with her art, but that painting for her connected her deeply to God as a form of worship, ministry and prayer.
She has spent the few years discovering the heart of God and the life He wants to bring to her and others through creative expression. To read more of her story, visit Michelle's Blog. 
Unique Qualities of Her Work :
Texture: Most of Michelle's paintings have some element of texture added to them. Whether texture is achieved through layering the paint or adding textured elements to the canvas, she strives to make each piece a distinct original piece.
Vibrant Colors: Whether in earth tones or vivid brights, Michelle's art captures the eye and speaks to the heart. It sings with life. She paints from her heart and relationship with God. It is her heart's desire that her paintings would express the life that awakens within her when she paints.
Luminescence: Michelle uses irridescent and metallic paints to create light effects in her paintings. She fell in love with the light play in Thomas Kinkaide's paintings more than a decade ago, and when she began to paint her self she sought ways to open the canvas and bring light to what she saw in her mind.
Prophecy & Prayer: Michelle knew early on that when she prayed she heard things. Words about those she prayed for, sometimes she would see things that gave her hope or direction on how to pray. At times she would write down those things in cards or letters. She even shared them in person from time to time.
As she has explored what God is doing in her painting this last year, she has discovered if she prays while she paints that God will tell her about the painting and the person for whom the painting has been created. It has become as much a gift to Michelle as it is to those who receive it. Her hope is that God's vision in her paintings would be confirmed by the things He is already doing or saying in the life of the person who receives the art. She often includes a Scripture as she seeks to affirm that it is indeed God that is providing the encouragement.
Michelle would love to hear from you. She paints by commission and each piece is a unique gift that expresses the Master's heart for His children. His creation.
Email her at:info@michellebenthamcreates.com  or click on the WizPert Link in the Right Margin. If Michelle is online she would be happy to chat with you through Skype.

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  1. Art as a form of glorifying God= awesome!
    I am striving to have an art ministry one day and praying that it will be soon.

    So encouraging. Beautiful work, Michelle!

    Bless You in Jesus name,


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