Creative Process

Draft Stage. 

Ready to Begin Painting
Hand Painted Matte
Butterfly Beginnings

Checking the layout.
Golden Daisies.
Needs a little light and a signature. All Most Finished.


Often my paintings begin with a Scripture, or a word from God about someone or something. I then begin to let the picture take shape in my mind. In this case, a friend of mine was celebrating her birthday last Friday and several from the office went out to lunch with her.

One of the gals came by on Wednesday and said it would be cool if we all put together a note card or something like that for her birthday since she is going to open her own business. I was like, "Maybe I'll paint her something." 

Friday arrived and I had not had time to sit at the easel and consider what the word for her might be. But, Saturday morning I rolled out of bed with pictures of butterflies and daisies in my head. I kept hearing, I'm doing something new.

Isaiah 49:13 "Look, I am about to do something new, even now it is coming; Do you see it?" 

I saw the butterflies and the flowers. I pulled out my paper canvas pad and my computer and began to search for pictures of gerber daisies and butterflies. I prayed and searched for about an hour saving pictures that caught my eye based on the shape or line of the stem, the colors or the beauty in the presentation. I landed on a few distinct images.

I drew out the sketch and added the basic shapes then I began to paint and pray. By the time I was done I knew that God was doing something exquisite in my friend's life. I sat down yesterday and wrote her a note explaining the things I heard from the Lord while I painted. When I gave it to her today she read the card and said, "You are hearing from the Lord. You are right on top of where I am right now." JOY! 


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