[My Daughter] was involved in a horrific accident on 11/12/11.  As a result, two of her finger tips on her left hand were severed.   She had to be rushed to Cooks Children's hospital where miraculously after 6 hours of surgery she was able to have them reattached.  We were encouraged to come to the healing Ministry on Monday nights in North Richland Hills by my dear sweet friend and neighbor Becky Synan, who is a member of  Gateway Church.  Although we attend a different church (Cross Timbers) we were moved that we could still  come and be prayed over by those in the healing ministry.  Becky is such an angel.  She consistently invited us, drove us, prayed with us each Monday night.  Each evening we came we experienced God's love and healing through everyone there.  Thank you!

I am writing this to you because something amazing has happened in my daughter's life since she came the night Michelle was there.

[My Daughter] has always thought about painting, but never had the confidence to do it.  The minute we walked into the soaking room, we were overwhelmed with joy at the sight of all of Michelle's beautiful and divinely inspired paintings all over the room.  Michelle didn't know anything about us but God did.

As Michelle sweetly and gently painted on stage, something began to birth right in that instant in the spirit of my child who felt her life had ended 4 months prior.  Becky knew Michelle and introduced [My Daughter] to her.  She was so moved, not only was she moved,  she was lit on Holy Fire!

By the time she got prayed on, through the Holy fire, something deep and hard inside her broke. As the tears streamed down her face, the healing began.  I sensed that all her pain was being lifted from her.  As we left the church she said to me that she had asked God to help her live again!!!  She said she had felt dead for the past 4 months.  In the car before we left the parking lot, she closed her eyes and shared the visions she had experienced.  WOW!!! She said she had seen God's face.  That night she prayed like never before and thanked God for the fact that Michelle was there.  She actually slept with the little card Michelle gave her with the Isaiah scripture and a copy of her 'butterflies' painting.  Thank you Michelle.  You touched my daughter's life through your gift!!!  Smile

The next day she said.... Mama....I'm ready to PAINT! 

Overjoyed, I took her to Aaron's Brother's after school.  She brought all the money she had in her savings along with about 10 coupons! lol!!!  The lady let her use them ALL - that alone is a miracle! :-)

The next few days I personally witnessed something amazing. My daughter who had NEVER painted, found the confidence and guided by the Holy Spirit she began to express her pain and healing through the brush on the several canvas's she bought.   Please know this is something I can't thank you enough for. As a mom, to see my little girl smile and express joy is something words can't really express. 

The least I could do is THANK YOU in writing.

With all my love,

(Edited for content and the name of the minor child has been removed.)

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