Sunday, May 29, 2016

Healing in His Wings (Malachi 4:2) | Revisited

This morning I was thinking of this painting I did in 2011. "Healing in His Wings" is representative of the work of Malachi 4:2 in my life. God has redeemed my tears, my identity, my time and He has delivered me and set me free. This morning He gave me a song of interpretation for this piece.

"I AM with you in your sorrows
I AM with you in your griefs
"I deliver you from evil
your healing rests in Me"
[Jehovah Rophe, "The Lord our healer"]
"I AM your time redeemer
I AM your ransom free
"I AM the fullness of who you are
when you live your life in Me"
[Jehovah Tsidkenu, "The Lord our Righteousness"]
He is the Son of Righteousness
He lives to set me free
I am all He says I am
Because He lives in me.
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